Friday, March 16, 2012

Run, Boy, Run: A Novel by Uri Orlev

Call number: Juvenile Young Adult Collection PZ7.0633 Ru 2003
Recommended by: Yuki Ueno, International student from Japan

"Run, Boy, Run" was written by Uri Orlev in 2003. This story is true. A nine year old, Jurek, escaped from Warasaw Ghetto. He survived in the woods, and worked in someone's house as a maid. He was scared because he didn't know when he would die. One day, he met some friends, and they tried to help each other. They hunted a wild animal, and then they cooked. "I want you to remember what I'm going to tell you. You have to stay alive." This are the most impressive words that his father said to Jurek. It was sad, however, he was a really brave man.

This book is really sad, but you can see into his life. He managed to stay alive. His passion and energy were so strong. Also, you can learn about the circumstances of Germany during World War II. I can say that this book is worth reading. You will understand the hardships of his life and importance of life in general.

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