Friday, March 16, 2012

Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling

Call number: Juvenile Collection Pz7.K632 J8
Recommended by Lalita Suthammarak, International student from Thailand, Haggerty English Language Program

Do you know anything about the origin of things in this world? This book includes many short stories about the origin of things in the world such as how the alphabet was made, how the leopard got his spots, how the whale got his throat. These are the example titles of stories in this book.

The author presented the stories, lead by the wild animals. The stories started at the beginning of the Earth. The animals met ridiculous situations that grab the reader’ attention to keep reading their stories. Combine with fantasy and variety of the stories, such as wizards, god and magic, makes the reader remember those stories easily. The stories of these animals are now so famous. It was created into a cartoon animation and children around the world used to watch some.

I was a child who used to watch them in animation too. It answered my questions when I was young. When I read this book, it reminded me about how I felt when I watched the cartoons as a child. I enjoyed the stories so much. I hope I could watch those stories one more time. And you! Do you remember that you have ever heard the stories about the origin of things from this book? You should read this book to get the answer.

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