Friday, March 16, 2012

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

Call number: Juvenile Young Adult Collection PZ7.D1515 Fan 2002
Recommended by: Takeshi Iwasaki, International student from Japan

One day, a fox called Mr. Fox stole some food for his family from three farmers and was injured by them at his own fault. Moreover, his family was chased by the farmers, but they could manage to escape from them. So, they started to dig a hole for their house. After a long time, they found each three farmer's house by chance, and got some food and water. Finally, they succeeded in reaching their house, and held a big feast with their friends. They decided to make an underground town in order to not need to go out to get some food.
This is a book for children. I dislike to read and usually don't read any books, but I could enjoy reading this one more than usual. I think this book is telling children the one who has a kind or brave heart succeeds in something. I can recommend someone to read this book.

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